ICT as a catalyst for change in pedagogy

I recently wrote an article jointly with the Principal of Berkhamsted School, Mark Steed, on ICT as a catalyst for change in pedagogy. It was published in the ISC Bulletin, 29, June 2012, pp.30-34.


‘Each change in technology in schools makes us revisit and re-evaluate how and why we do what we do in the classroom. New technologies no longer just automate what we did in the past but they open up new possibilities. Mobile Devices, Cloud-based documents, iTextbooks and a whole new generation of educational applications have placed learning much more firmly in the control of the student, giving them scope to work and collaborate with whom they want, whenever they want. These developments are not going to do away with the need for teachers, but they are going to call for a new pedagogy. In this article, Mark Steed and Laura Knight outline how new technologies are changing how young people learn and suggest some ways in which teachers can support them in their learning.’

Co-author: Mark Steed, Principal, Berkhamsted School