Independent Schools Commission ICT conference 2011



“All change please – the Internet is coming!”

I attended my first ISC ICT conference this week, which was hosted at Berkhamsted on Wednesday 7th December.

It was a fantastic day and I felt very privileged to speak about the work I am doing in my department on colaborative learning using iPads.

Click here to view the Prezi that Sacha van Straten, Rosie McColl and I presented.


Click here for an audio recording of my presentation. Quality is so-so but the message is there!


I also got to listen to some fantastic speakers, including Kevin Fear, Head of Nottingham High School who’s enlightened take on communication strategies was really engaging, and Prof. Steve Molyneux who inspired us with his talk “Gutenberg 2.0”. Their presentations are available here.  Mark Steed’s opening words are on his blog here. Lord Knight of Weymouth, formerly Minister for Schools, was very much on the same page as us about how the future needs to be flexible, probably device-agnostic and centered around the technology the students bring to school anyway. Interesting times!



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