Authentic audiences with iPads

Here is an open letter to Chris Fuller, who I have to thank for running a fantastic CPD session for my MFL team at Berkhamsted this term. He really got me thinking about sharing student work outside the walls of the school; something I have shied away from in the past.
After your CPD session on engagement and involvement I started thinking about how important an authentic audience for student work in MFL can be. Year 7 in particular work in a very sterile bubble, without the language necessary to communicate in an authentic way with the outside world… or so I thought.
After recently implementing the use of iPads in my MFL department, we have been working on generating some lovely digital content. I shared some of the little descriptions of clothes my class had made using Screenchomp on our iPads this week with my followers on Twitter. I was thrilled when the app developer for Screenchomp replied from the US, congratulating my boys on their great work. I showed the boys the tweet today and they were so chuffed – it was lovely. I’ll definitely look for further opportunities to share great work with the world beyond the school walls as the confidence and sense of pride it brings to the kids is a real pleasure to see.
Thanks again for being the impetus to try it out!
The Screenchomps are here:

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