Caldicott Digital Learning Conference: 9th October 2012

9 Oct


I was honoured indeed to be asked to speak at Caldicott’s Digital Learning Conference today. I shared the bill with Nic Amy, Director of Learning at Wellington College and James Stanforth, Head of Digital Education at Eton College. These were the key ‘takeaway’ ideas from my presentation about using iPads in MFL: Schools are traditionally [...]

Video: How to influence technological change in your school

9 Oct

Image: '‘Tis spring, therefore thou shalt surely mow!' Found on

Lots of people have expressed frustration that it’s difficult to influence whole-school ICT developments and policy from a grass-roots level. In this video (made using Videoscribe for iPad) I’ve put together some advice to help move things forward. I hope it helps!

A new Berkhamsted conference

13 Jul

nash harris

Exciting news: new Deputy Head of Boys (Academic) Nick Dennis has announced that Berkhamsted School will be hosting a brand new conference focussed on teaching, learning and assessment on Saturday 16th March, 2013. It will be a fantastic opportunity to bring together practitioners from different sectors to talk about the ‘why, how and what’ of [...]

ICT as a catalyst for change in pedagogy

11 Jul

Image credit: Kevin Dooley

I recently wrote an article jointly with the Principal of Berkhamsted School, Mark Steed, on ICT as a catalyst for change in pedagogy. It was published in the ISC Bulletin, 29, June 2012, pp.30-34.   ‘Each change in technology in schools makes us revisit and re-evaluate how and why we do what we do in the [...]

A great teacher workflow: Evernote + Skitch on iPad

22 Apr


I have exciting news. My classroom at school is now kitted out with an Apple TV and an Airport Express (Father Christmas did eventually deliver!) so I can wirelessly mirror my iPad onto my board at the front of the room. This has really got me thinking about the joy of untethering from my IWB, [...]

Video: iPad lesson workflows

5 Apr


    This is the video I created at the Apple Teacher Institute 2012 this week in Cheltenham. I made it for my team as a strategic tool to open our professional development session at the beginning of term. I was keen to produce something with a genuine purpose (it was going to take a [...]

Six ideas for teachers when launching an iPad deployment

25 Mar

Year 10 with iPads

Here are six pieces of advice I would pass on to anyone leading the Teaching and Learning side of an iPad deployment. I’ve learned as much from our successes as our shortcomings and hope you find this helpful. 1. Start with the learning Bringing new technology into your classrooms will evoke change, but it won’t [...]

Infographic: The Digital Learning Switchover

25 Mar

Screen Shot 2012-03-25 at 14.47.24

I made my first ever Infographic today. I used the online tool and was very impressed! Here it is:   Related PostsLanguage acquisition in babies

Technological change and grumbles in the staff room

11 Mar


I wish I could travel back in time to the era when children in school stopped writing on slates and started writing on paper and in exercise books. It must have been the most tremendous shift: students could accumulate a bank of their own written work and it no longer had to be carried entirely [...]

The iPad as a multifunctional learning tool

27 Feb


Joe Moretti passed on this list of iPad apps for a variety of classroom purposes from, which I think is superb. The categories are: Reader Creator Student Response System Classroom Manager Study Tool Organizer Differentiator Click here to take a look at the list!  

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